Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

For Smartphones (iPhone), Tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, Xoom, PlayBook), PCs, Gaming systems (PS3), Home theater PCs

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Real keyboard, real typing

The USRobotics Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is the ideal accessory for home and business users with tablets or tricky typing systems. The keyboard supports most tablets including the iPad, Xoom, Galaxy Tab, and Playbook but also works with all major systems with Bluetooth support including Playstation 3, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Type more comfortably, and likely more quickly, with this mini size qwerty keyboard and stop hunting and pecking on the virtual ones. With additional multimedia function keys control music or videos remotely, pause a video or mute the volume, all without leaving a fingerprint on the screen. This high quality Bluetooth keyboard with soft clicking keys is the perfect wireless accessory to any device.

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth Connections

  • Works with most Bluetooth compatible devices
  • Easy wireless pairing
  • Great range with Bluetooth - up to 32 feet once paired

Excellent Design

  • Qwerty 48 key design
  • Small and light design ideal for travel or tight spaces
  • Hard keys provide tactile feedback - soft clicks confirm each keystroke
  • Conserve battery life with built in intelligent power management - automatically powers on from sleep mode when you start typing
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery charges within 3-4 hours

Special Function, Multimedia, and Volume Keys

  • Easily play, pause, or skip songs with Multimedia keys on most systems
  • Easily control volume with increase, decrease, and mute with Volume keys on most systems
  • Additional function keys include ESC, Home, End, Insert, and Caps

Easy Install

  • Install in 4 easy steps: Simply turn the keyboard on, press the pair button, find the keyboard on your device's bluetooth settings, and type in the pin
  • No driver installation required for Windows, Macintosh, or Linux

Visual Indicators

  • Power and status LEDs

Excellent Compatibility

  • Handheld: iPad 1& 2, iPhone, Xoom, Galaxy Tab, and PlayBook
  • Personal Computers: Microsoft, Macintosh and Linux
  • Gaming Systems: PlayStation 3
  • Home Theater PCs

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