I am unable to create a wireless connection to a wireless router or access point.

Possible Solution:

Verify that you are using the same Network name (SSID) and Security information as the wireless router or access point. Perform the following steps to verify and, if necessary, update the settings:

  1. Either right-click the Utility icon in the system tray and select Open Utility or left-click the Utility icon once and then click Advanced.
  2. In the Wireless Networks tab, scroll through the list of available wireless networks and locate the correct one. If you do not see the correct wireless network, click Refresh to update the list. When you locate the correct wireless network, select it and then click Configure. If the correct wireless network still does not appear, click Add under the Preferred networks section and manually update the appropriate information to create the entry.
  3. When the Properties window appears, verify and, if necessary, update the appropriate connection and security information for the wireless network device. Make sure the checkbox next to This is a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network is not selected. When you are finished, click OK.
  4. On the main screen, click Apply and a connection will be established.


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