I am using an operating system other than Windows and need to configure the Wireless MAXg Access Point.

Possible Solution:

The Wireless MAXg Access Point uses a Windows-based installation. Users of non-Windows operating systems should perform the following steps to configure the Access Point.

  1. The networking device that the Access Point is connected to probably has some form of Web User Interface where you can view a client list. Refer to your networking device's documentation to determine how to view this information.
  2. When you find the client list, locate the Access Point by verifying the LAN MAC address that is on the bottom label of the Access Point and what is listed. Write down the IP address of the Access Point for future reference.
  3. Launch a Web browser, type in the IP address of the Access Point, and then press Enter. This will open the Web User Interface of the Access Point. Verify that all the connection information is correct for the network to which the Access Point is connected. If you cannot connect to the Access Point, make sure all the connections are secure and correct.

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