Connect Wireless Devices

Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ Devices

See your wireless device's documentation to determine if it can connect to the Wireless MAXg Router using Wi-Fi Protected Setup. WPS devices use a push button or PIN to connect to the network. See your wireless device's documentation to determine which method you should use to connect to the router, and how to locate the push button or PIN for the device.

  1. Be ready to start WPS on your wireless device.
  2. Log in to the router configuration pages.

  3. On the Status page, click Add wireless device.

  4. Do one of the following:


  5. wps_pin 

The wireless device detects the wireless security settings of the router and creates a secure wireless connection to the network.


All Other Devices

  1. Ensure that each wireless device that will be connected to the network is set to infrastructure mode.

  2. Set the SSID in the wireless device's settings to the Network name (SSID) that is used in the router.

  3. If you set wireless security on the router, ensure that the wireless security settings for the wireless device match those that you set on the router. For instruction in changing your device's wireless mode, see your wireless device's documentation.