I am not being notified of incoming calls while online.

Solution 1:

If the USR MoH icon is not in your system tray, click Windows Start > (All) Programs > U.S. Robotics > USR MoH to start the MoH program.

Solution 2:

Verify your call waiting service is available. To verify this, place a regular voice call using the same line as the modem, and have someone dial into this number from another phone line. You should hear a beep coming from the telephone network indicating an incoming call. If you do not hear the beep, check with your telephone service operator that Call Waiting is established on your telephone line and in working order. Your telephone service operator will also be able to explain you how to activate Call Waiting if it is not active by default.

Solution 3:

You will be notified of incoming calls only if you established a connection using the V.90 or V.92 protocol. If you connect through any connection other than through the V.90 or V.92 protocol (such as V.34), you will not be notified of incoming calls.