Tutorial: I want to prevent a machine from accessing the Internet.

This example uses the gateway's outbound filtering feature. You can also use Internet Access Control to filter a computer based on a MAC address.

To demonstrate outbound filtering, we will show steps to configure for the following scenario:

A company has two computers connected to the U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg ADSL Gateway. An office worker uses one of the computers while the business owner uses the other. The owner wants to keep the office worker from using the Internet. The owner has a computer that has an assigned IP address of by the gateway. The office worker's machine has been assigned an IP address of

  1. Launch the gateway's Web User Interface if it is not already open (click here to find out how).
  2. Go to the Security menu and select IP Filtering - Outbound Filters.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter the following information for the filter:
  5. When you click Apply, the new filter appears in this page.

Congratulations! The outgoing address filter is complete. The computer with the IP address entered in Address Filter will not be able to access the gateway's Internet port.

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