Step One: Connect Microfilter(s) (if included or required by your ISP)

A microfilter removes interference between voice and DSL signals. Your ISP will determine if a microfilter is necessary. If a microfilter was not included with the ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Router, ask your ISP if one is needed.

  1. Plug each telephony device cable (phone, fax machine, etc.) into the microfilter.
  2. Plug the microfilter into the telephone wall jack.

Note: Do not install a microfilter on the cable that will connect your ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Router to the telephone jack unless your microfilter has a connection for both the router and the phone.

Step Two: Connect Your Router to the Wall Phone Jack

  1. Connect one end of the included phone cable to the ADSL port on the router.
  2. Connect the other end of the phone cable to a wall phone jack.

Step Three: Connect the Router to Your Computer

Ethernet Connection

  1. Turn off your computer.
  2. Connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable to your computer's Ethernet adapter and connect the other end to the Ethernet port on your router.
  3. Connect the supplied power adapter to the 12VDC/1A power port on the ADSL router and plug the power adapter into a standard power outlet.
  4. Turn on your computer.


USB Connection

Note: For USB Installation of the router, you must connect the router to a computer running Windows® XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows 98SE.

  1. Insert the USRobotics Installation CD-ROM and select your language.
  2. Read the license agreement and click YES to accept the terms.
  3. Select Install USRobotics ADSL2+ USB Router and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. The installation program will prompt you to connect the USB cable to your computer.

  5. Connect the supplied USB cable to your computer’s USB adapter and connect the free end of the USB cable to the USB port on the rear of the router.
  6. Connect the supplied power adapter to the 12VDC/1A power port on the router and plug the power adapter into a standard power outlet.
  7. Continue the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the USRobotics ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Router.
  8. If prompted, reboot your computer.


Step Four: Configure the Basic Connection Settings

Your Internet connection user name and password may be required for the installation of the ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Router. Depending on your ISP, you may need to know some of the following information: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway/Router, DNS Servers/Name Servers, and Service Name (optional).

Note: If you cannot find all the necessary information, contact your ISP for assistance in obtaining this information.

  1. Start your Web browser.
  2. In the location or address line, type: and press ENTER to access the Web User Interface.

    If you are prompted to connect to the Internet, your web browser may prompt you to select Try Again or Connect.

  3. Click LOGIN. There is no default password for the router.

  4. In the Setup Wizard, click NEXT.

The Setup Wizard leads you through the basic router configuration process. If you are unsure about any connection information required by the wizard, contact your ISP.

For more information about the Setup Wizard's pages, see SETUP WIZARD.

  1. Review all of the information.
  2. The information you supplied will be saved on the router and you will return to the main screen of the Web User Interface.

Congratulations. You have successfully completed the installation procedure. Please register your USRobotics 9112 ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Router at


Make a Backup of Your New Configuration Settings

Once you have your router configured with your ISP information, USRobotics recommends you make a backup of your configuration settings.

  1. From the Advanced Setup menu, select TOOLS > Configuration Tools.
  2. Select Backup router configuration and click Next.
  3. Your system will prompt you to save the file. Select Save.
  4. Browse to the location at which you want the backup file saved and click Save.