USR3056 USRobotics® 56K* PC Card Winmodem with XJACK® Connector

Warranty: 2 Year

  • Modem returns a "No Dialtone" error message.
  • Will my PC Card function properly outside of North America?
  • (Code 10) Error in Windows XP
  • New modem problems with Dial Up Networking.
  • PCMCIA modem and Gateway Solo 9100 running Windows NT 4.0.
  • Modem problems with NEC 6000 series laptop running Windows NT 4.0.

    Technical Bulletins

  • Configure Your PC Card With Modem Initialization Strings
  • Verify Your PC Card Controller Is Configured For Windows 9x

    Additional Support

    If the support information in this section doesn't help you solve your issue, you can contact a USR Help Desk Technician directly.

    Verify your product

    Is this your PC Card? Verify that the label on the bottom of the PC Card indicates USR3056. If it does not, check the 3CP003056 support page.

    Manuals and other Documents


    OS Compatibility


    2012 R2







    Vista 64


    XP 64




    98 SE

    98 FE





    Drivers and Firmware
    Windows 95, 98, and ME Installation Files
    USR3056_9xMe.exe492 KB05-02-03
    Windows 2000 and XP Installation files Ver. Note: This version has been updated to correct the Dial-up Networking (DUN) issue that some customers were experiencing.
    USR3056_2k_XP.exe478 KB09-08-04
    Drivers Archive
    Original Windows 2000 and XP Installation files Ver.
    USR3056_2kXP.exe 490 KB 09-26-03

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