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USRobotics Internet Call Notification User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the ICN feature for phone calls that aren't initiated through my modem?

  • ICN is essentially a modem-based feature. It can work only with your modem and an Internet connection. You cannot use it to alert you of incoming calls when you are not connected to the Internet using your modem.
How can I stop the countdown during my phone call so that I don't lose my Internet connection?
  • You cannot. Your ISP determines the length of time that you may keep your Internet connection on hold.
How can I automatically reject incoming calls when on the Internet?
  • Disable Call Waiting functionality on your phone line before connecting to the Internet. Check with your telephone service provider for details. On some telephone networks, this is achieved by adding a special prefix before your ISPís phone number in your Dial-up Networking properties. On other networks, you would use your phone to dial a special number and hangup to disable Call Waiting for subsequent calls. You would then call a different number to enable it again. If you do not know this prefix or which numbers to call, contact your telephone service provider.
  • Alternatively, select the option Always Ignore Incoming Calls (if present) as detailed in Configuring the Internet Call Notification Feature.
How can I set my software so that my Internet connection automatically disconnects for incoming calls?
  • Currently, the software does not support this option. You will have to manually press the Accept call button on the pop-up screen.
Since ICN is always in memory, will it slow down my computer?
  • ICN was designed to not strain your computer's processor. When ICN is loaded, it simply monitors the modem and nothing else.
Is ICN compatible with Internet gaming?
  • Some latency may be experienced solely due to the Call Waiting signal sent by the telephone network. Unfortunately, the only way around this problem is to disable Call Waiting when making Internet calls. Check with your telephone service provider for instructions.
  • Because of this latency, your game may time-out and you could get disconnected.
  • Some full-screen games do not give back access to the Windows desktop; so, ICN will open but you will not see it.
  • Some full-screen games may crash when a background process tries to display a window.