USR Call Director - a small investment for big savings.

Are you paying for 2, 3 or 4 telephone lines?

Most businesses juggle multiple voice lines, fax machines, Point of Sale & Credit Card terminals by using multiple telephone lines and keeping them seperate so the different calls go to the right equipment.

What you may not know is that you don't need all those lines you need a USR Call Director, USRobotics' new phone/fax/modem switch. This line sharing device can automatically route the calls to the correct equipment every time and can even be used to manually transfer calls to the right equipment.

Line Sharing diagram

The Problem: Multiple Telephone Lines

  • The amount of faxes decrease every year but you still need a fax machine.
  • POS and Credit Card terminals require short but quick access, typically through a modem.
  • That backup phone line is just that - a back up.

The Solution: 1 Telephone Line

  • Telephone line sharing allows equipment to share 1 line and put more money back into your budget with a 3 month ROI
  • Add more equipment (up to 4 devices) without the need to pay for additional telephone lines

Why Buy the USR Call Director?

  • Eliminate unnecessary phone lines
  • Add new equipment without the need for new telephone lines
  • Automatically direct calls to the right device
  • Programmable with manual transfer options and even preserved after a power outage
  • Perfect for Businesses with applications like Out-of-Band Network Management, POS, Fax Machines, Credit Card Terminals, Energy Management/HVAC, and Time & Attendance.

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USR Call Director

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