BVRP PhoneTools

Note: This BVRP PhoneTools update is intended for use with all models listed that have been updated to V.92, this does not include OEM models:

North AmericaEurope and Asia
  • USR3453B
  • USR3453C
  • USR5610B
  • USR5610C
  • USR325610B
  • USR325610C
  • USR5631
  • USR5631A
  • USR5633A
  • USR5633B
  • USR5635
  • USR5660C
  • USR5670
  • USR265670
  • USR5686D
  • USR5686E
  • USR5686F
  • USR5699B
  • USR5699C
  • USRxx2884B
  • USRxx2884C
  • USRxx3453B
  • USRxx3453C
  • USRxx5630B
  • USRxx5630D
  • USR805631
  • USR805631A
  • USRxx5633
  • USRxx5633B
  • USR5635
  • USR815660B
  • USRxx5668-01 (upgraded to V.92)
  • USRxx5668B
  • USRxx5668D
  • USR815670
  • USR805671

Installation Instructions

Note: You must uninstall any older versions of BVRP before installing the latest version.

  1. Download and extract the appropriate language file to a temporary location on your computer’s hard disk drive such as C:\temp.
  2. Uninstall any older versions of BVRP PhoneTools.
    • Make sure the BVRP PhoneTools program is not running.
    • Click Windows Start, point to Settings, and click Control Panel.
    • Double click the Add/Remove Programs icon. BVRP PhoneTools will be listed as "Winphone" or "PhoneTools" in the list.
    • Highlight the program name and click the Add/Remove button to uninstall. Follow the onscreen menu prompts.
  3. Double-click the Setup.exe file extracted in the temporary directory and follow the onscreen instructions.

Version 4.42:
Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000
Version 9.03: Windows XP, XP x64 Edition, Vista, Vista x64 Edition
Czech8.9 MB08/09/06
Danish13.2 MB08/09/06
Dutch13.1 MB08/09/06
Finnish13.1 MB08/09/06
French13.6 MB08/09/06
German12.9 MB08/09/06
Italian13.2 MB08/09/06
Norwegian12.9 MB08/09/06
Polish8.9 MB08/09/06
Portuguese13.2 MB08/09/06
Spanish (a)13.3 MB08/09/06
Spanish (e)13.0 MB08/09/06
Swedish13.1 MB08/09/06
United Kingdom13.1 MB08/09/06
United States13.1 MB09/08/06
Czech13.9 MB27/07/07
Danish14.0 MB27/07/07
Dutch14.1 MB27/07/07
Finnish13.9 MB27/07/07
French14.5 MB27/07/07
German13.6 MB27/07/07
Italian14.0 MB27/07/07
Norwegian13.8 MB27/07/07
Polish14.2 MB27/07/07
Portuguese13.9 MB27/07/07
Brasilian Portuguese14.1 MB27/07/07
Spanish13.8 MB27/07/07
Swedish13.9 MB27/07/07
United Kingdom13.8 MB27/07/07
US13.8 MB07/27/07