Networking for Dummies



Part I
Chapter 1: Understanding Your Networking Options

  • Deciding to create a home network
  • Honing in on the right operating system
  • Understanding how networks work
  • Figuring out what hardware you need
  • Choosing between wireless or cable
  • Purchasing kits or individual components
Chapter 2: Configuring Your Network
  • Showing your computer how to find your network adapter
  • Installing network components
  • Naming your computer and giving it a workgroup
  • Setting up your network for file and printer sharing
  • Creating a username and password

Part II
Chapter 3: Sharing the Internet

  • Taking a look at Internet connection hardware options
  • Configuring dial-up networking connections
  • Sharing Internet connections
  • Examining hardware devices that provide connection sharing
Chapter 4: Sharing Printers and Peripherals
  • Setting up shared printers
  • Installing a network printer
  • Sharing CD-ROM, removable, and other drives
Chapter 5: Other Networking Techniques
  • Adding Windows NT 4.0 to your network
  • Networking a laptop computer
  • Getting a Mac to communicate with your PC network

Part III
Chapter 6: Ten Good Reasons to Set Up a Home PC Network
Chapter 7: Ten Ways to Keep Your Network Healthy

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