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Powerful line sharing device controls phone, fax, POS, and modems all on one telephone line.

The USR® Call Director automatically screens and routes all incoming voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment every time. This telephone line sharing device removes the need for multiple costly telephone lines and results in a fast return on investment. With no drivers or software to install, the USR Call Director is easy to use and works with any type of phone system or telephony device making it ideal for Out-of-Band Network Access, Point of Sale, Remote Equipment Maintenance, and many other demanding business applications.

Line Sharing diagram

Automatic Detection

  • Pre-programmed to automatically route fax calls to fax or fax modem
  • Barge-In protection means active calls won’t get interupted by another connected device

Money Saver

  • Eliminate unnecessary phone lines, save up to $600/year per line
  • Add new equipment without adding phones lines

Manual Control

  • Transfer a call to any device port by touch tones

Ringback Tones

  • Bell Spec tones sounds just like the phone company’s

Non-Volatile Memory

  • Programming is preserved after a power outage


  • Program all features via telephone keypad; no PC interface or drivers to install
  • Program security access codes means better security and control
  • Remote programming and diagnostics

Wide range of products for line sharing

  • Modems, Out-of-Band Network Management, POS, Energy Management/HVAC, Time & Attendance, Fax Machines, Credit Card Terminals, Postage Meters, and Digital Signage.

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