Network Configurator

The Network Configuration Wizard will:

  • Determine exactly what products you'll need.
  • Let you choose between a Wireless or a Wired network.
  • Show you what you need to upgrade to a high-performance network.
How many desktop computers
do you want to network?
How many laptop computers
do you want to network?
Do you want to network an Ethernet-ready gaming console?
Are any of your computers running Windows 95 or Windows 98 First Edition?*

Though it is possible to configure these products to work with Linux, USRobotics will only support these products for use with the Windows operating systems (Windows 95 or later).

*USRobotics Wireless Access products support printer and file sharing for all systems running Windows 95 or later, including Windows NT 4.0. For some users, Internet sharing requires the installation of third-party shareware. For users of Windows 98 SE or later, no additional software is required.
Not sure what kind of network is right for you?

You should consider a conventional (wired) network if you:

• Want to have an inexpensive, standardized, and flexible network that will allow you to easily expand in the future.
• Have several machines in one area, and it won't be a problem to run some cables between them.

You should consider wireless networking if you:

• Have machines that are physically far away from one another (on different floors or rooms in your house, for example).
• Have one or more laptops, and you would like the freedom to use your computer in different area of the house.