Note: If you are not using a U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg Router, refer to your router manufacturer's documentation for router-specific information.

I am no longer able to access the Internet.

My computer does not recognise the Wireless MAXg USB Adapter.

I am unable to communicate with an access point or wireless router.

I accidentally clicked Cancel during the software installation procedure for the Wireless MAXg USB Adapter.

The U.S Robotics interface did not begin when I inserted the Installation CD-ROM.

I cannot achieve MAXg (125 Mbps) connections to a Wireless MAXg Router.

I am unable to create a wireless connection to a wireless router or access point.

The wireless network I want to connect to is not appearing the Available Networks list in the Configuration Utility.

I've changed the wireless router's settings and can no longer connect to the wireless router.

My Wireless MAXg Router is not appearing in the list when I wirelessly scan for it.

I am experiencing poor link quality.