The is compatible with a USB port on any standard Windows laptop or desktop computer. Integrated security, including WiFi Protected Access 2 and Wired Equivalent Privacy, assure standards-based, secure access to your wireless network. Upon successful installation, the Wireless USB Adapter can communicate with other home and office wireless networking products.

And to assure a simple, straight-forward installation, USRobotics developed the installation wizard that walks you through the installation of any 54g PC Cards, PCI Adapters, USB Adapters, or Routers in a seamless fashion. In addition, the wizard provides easy-to-understand guidance to set up security for your wireless network. Sharing Internet access securely, wirelessly or wired, has never been easier.

Physical Features

1 USB connector Connects to an available USB port
2 Wireless LED Flashes when the adapter is sending or receiving data

System Requirements

rev 1.0 09/07