The USRobotics turns your wired network into a powerful and secure wireless network. Featuring USRobotics’ exclusive Ndx wireless technology, delivering speeds up to 270 Mbps* and a range up to 5 times greater than standard 802.11g, the access point is designed to provide total home/small business coverage and optimal performance. New SecureEasySetup™ provides simple and fast installation and security configuration. A full complement of security capabilities deliver confident, high-performance wireless networking.

System Requirements

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Symbol Name State Condition
Power Off Not receiving power.
Solid Receiving power.
(Wireless Network)
Off Wireless connection is disabled.
Solid Wireless connection is enabled.
Flashing Sending and receiving data.
SecureEasySetup Off SecureEasySetup mode is not ready on the access point.
Solid SecureEasySetup mode is ready.
Blinking Communicating with SecureEasySetup devices.
LAN Off No LAN connection.
Solid LAN link is achieved.
Flashing Sending and receiving data.


Item Function
Connects an antenna to the access point.
LAN Connects the access point to a networking device.

Reboots your access point or restores your access point to its factory default settings.

  • To reboot your access point without changing your current settings, press and hold the Reset button for 1 second.

  • To restore your access point to the factory default settings, press and hold the Reset button for 7 seconds.

15VDC Connects the power adapter to your access point.

SecureEasySetup button

Enables SecureEasySetup on your access point.

  • To enable SecureEasySetup on your access point, press and hold the SecureEasySetup button for 1 second.

  • To reset your wireless security settings to the factory default (no security enabled), press and hold the SecureEasySetup button for 7 seconds.

* Actual performance may vary depending on operating environment and distance between networked devices.

rev 0.6 03/07