The U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg® Router is the one solution to your home and small business wireless connectivity needs. MAXg technology provides the maximum 802.11g range in the industry, delivering optimal wireless connections to your PCs, laptops, and other wireless devices. MAXg also provides the maximum speed – up to 125 Mbps – delivering large files like MP3s, digital photos, and digital video through your network fast and efficiently. And with MAXg, your network will be protected with a maximum security suite of capabilities, including Stateful Packet Inspection firewall for protection from network intrusions, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2), WPA2/802.11i, TKIP and AES Encryption, MAC address authentication, and more.

In addition to providing state-of-the-art wireless connectivity, your MAXg router includes an integrated print server, allowing you to share your USB printer with other computers on your network and a 4-Port Ethernet switch for connecting Ethernet devices.

And to assure a simple, straight-forward installation, U.S. Robotics developed the SureStart installation wizard. SureStart walks you through the installation of any MAXg PC Cards, PCI Adapters, USB Adapters, or routers in a seamless fashion. In addition, SureStart provides easy-to-understand guidance to set up security for your wireless network. Sharing Internet access securely, wirelessly or wired, has never been easier.

What You Need to Begin

Product Views

Front View

Power LED: This LED is lighted green when the unit is functioning. This LED flashes green during a reboot or a reset.

Wireless LED: This LED is lighted green when wireless functionality is enabled and blinks when there is wireless activity. This LED is not lighted when wireless functionality is disabled.

WAN LED: This LED is lighted green when a device is connected. The LED flashes when WAN activity is present.

LAN 1-4 LEDs: These LEDs are lighted green when a device is connected. These LEDs flash when LAN activity is present.

Printer LED: This LED is lighted green when a USB printer is connected. The LED flashes when there is network printer activity.

Back View

Antenna Port: The supplied antenna is connected to this port.

USB Printer Port: A USB printer can be attached and used over the network. Other USB devices cannot be attached to this port.

WAN: The RJ-45 WAN port is used to connect the Wireless MAXg Router to a broadband modem.

LAN Ports 1 - 4: The RJ-45 LAN ports are used to connect Ethernet devices to the LAN.

RESET Button: To restore the factory default settings, use a paperclip to press in and hold the RESET button for five to ten seconds. If the RESET button is pressed for less than five seconds, the Wireless MAXg Router will reboot.

5VDC: This connection port is for the power supply of the Wireless MAXg Router.

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