I want to block one of the clients on my network from having Internet access between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., every day of the week.

  1. Start the Web User Interface of the Wireless MAXg Router by opening a Web browser and typing
  2. Determine the IP address of the client you want to block from having Internet access by locating the appropriate device in the client list on the Status page.

  3. Click the Firewall tab and scroll down to the Internet Access Control area.

  4. Enter the IP address of the client in both fields of LAN IP addresses. The same IP address should be entered in both fields since only one device is being restricted.
  5. Select TCP as the appropriate protocol for the client.
  6. Enter the appropriate port numbers for the client in the Port range fields. To block all Internet access for the client, enter a port range of 1 to 65535.
  7. For Weekday range, select Monday in the first field and Sunday in the second field. If you want a different range, you can select different days. If you want the control to be effective for one day, you would select the same day in each field.
  8. For Time range each day, select 9AM in the first field and 5PM in the second field. If you want a different time range, you can make different selections in each field.
  9. When you are finished, click Add.
  10. If you want to restrict the access for any additional clients, repeat steps 1 through 9 for each additional client.
  11. Click Save at the bottom of the page when you are finished. The Access Control changes you just made are now in effect.

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