Smart Switch

The USRobotics product line delivers the performance and manageability required for small and medium business networks. With simple web based configuration, support for port-based VLAN, 16 or 24 gigabit ports, and two auto-sensing mini-GBIC ports, the switches are designed for easy installation, management, and expansion.

System Requirements

To install a , you need the following:

For access to the switch's Web User Interface, you also need the following:

To use the Smart Switch Configuration Utility, the computer must be running Windows XP or 2000. If you are not using a Windows operating system, you can perform all configuration functions through the Web User Interface.

Product Views

Front Panel

Smart Switch

Smart Switch

  1. LEDs indicate the status of the switch. For more information about these indicators, see LEDs.

  2. Ethernet ports can connect the switch to network-ready devices. These ports can operate in half-duplex mode for 10/100Mbps and full-duplex mode for 10/100/1000Mbps.

  3. Each GBIC port can connect the switch to an optical networking device or another . When you use a GBIC port, the corresponding Ethernet port is disabled.

Back Panel

Smart Switch Back

  1. Reset button returns settings to their factory defaults.

  2. Power connector supports input voltages in the range 100–240V AC at 50–60Hz.


LED State Condition
POWER On Receiving power
Off Not receiving power
System Blinking CPU is active
On CPU is not active
mini-GBIC On mini-GBIC module installed and connected
Off No mini-GBIC module installed
Link/ACT On Link is up
Blinking Port is transmitting or receiving data
Off Link is down
1000 Mbps On Link rate is 1000 Mbps
Off Link rate is not 1000 Mbps
100 Mbps On Link rate is 100 Mbps
Off Link rate is not 100 Mbps






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