Security Setting

The Security Setting menu lets you control access to or from your local area network with the following options:

  • Packet Filters control access to your network based on the IP addresses of incoming and outgoing data packets.
  • Domain Filters prevent access by your network's users to specific Web sites.
  • URL Blocking prevents access by your network's users to Web sites whose address contains a specific keyword.
  • MAC Control assigns access rights for specific users.
  • Schedule Rule designates time spans, letting you turn services on and off automatically.
  • Miscellaneous functions govern the following additional security concerns:
    • Remote Administrator Host lets a remote administrator perform router configuration.
    • Administrator Time-out automatically closes the Web User Interface after the specified period elapses.
    • Discard PING from WAN side disallows pinging by external users.
    • SPI Mode validates data packet headers.
    • DoS Attack Detection stops Denial of Service attacks.

Packet Filters

The Packet Filters option lets you control which data packets are allowed to pass through the router. Each time the router receives a packet, it analyses the packet against the parameters that you set with this option. You can place restrictions on both inbound and outbound packets.

After making any changes, remember to click Save.

Domain Filters

Domain filtering lets you specify URLs (Internet addresses) or URL suffixes to which access is restricted on your network. For example, you can block access to a site named

After making any changes, remember to click Save.

URL Blocking

URL Blocking lets you specify keywords for the router to disallow in URLs. For example, you can deny access to any Web site whose name contains the word adult.

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MAC Control

MAC Address Control lets you associate a specific IP address with a device's MAC address, and then allow or disallow access from that device to the router's services.

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Schedule Rule

The Schedule Rule screen gives you control over the time frames during which other rules take effect. For example, you can set up a Schedule Rule timeframe that runs from 12:00 A.M. on Saturday through 12:00 A.M. on Monday, then assign that rule to your packet filtering rules. The result is that packet filtering will occur only during weekend hours; at all other times, packet filtering will be off.

After making any changes to the Schedule Rule screen, remember to click Save.


After making any changes, remember to click Save.