I can't connect to the Web User Interface.

I am no longer able to access the Internet.

Some of my Internet-based applications no longer work.

I don't know whether my IP address is static or dynamic.

My Cable or DSL service is not working, but I need access to the Internet.

While trying to check my network configuration settings in Windows Me, I can’t find the Network icon.

I don't know how to configure the TCP/IP protocol to work with the router.

I can’t see the USB printer in my computer's printer list.

My USB printer is not printing correctly.

I can’t see my USB printer on the network.

I connected my USB device to the router's USB port, but I canít see it on the network.

After enabling VPN, I can't connect to local computers on my network in order to share files or printers.

Troubleshooting Ping Procedure