Release Notes - Secure Storage Router Pro/VPN Firewall (USR8200), Version


New Features:

  1. USB Print Server
  2. L2TP Client
  3. Partition name scheme
  4. DHCP Relay
  5. Web Content Filtering (Business and Home solutions)

Fixed Issues:



  1. USR8200 no longer locks up while transferring files through FTP.
  2. Mail Server setup is now complete and supports server authentication.
  3. DMZ Host message "The host does not belong to any recognized LAN" no longer appears when setting up multiple LANs via the additional IP.

File Server:

  1. Significantly improved write performance using EXT2 partitions.
  2. Improved overall FAT32 and EXT2 read/write performance.
  3. Eliminated memory issue with FAT32 check disk on large drives.
  4. Improved FAT32 and EXT2 format methods.
  5. Fixed miscellaneous USB drive issues.
  6. Fixed USB 2.0/1.1 Hub problems.
  7. Large File support:
    • FAT32 set to properly support maximum file size of 4GB - 1 byte.
    • EXT2 files no longer size limited, but performance is slow for huge file transfers (40GB+).


  1. No longer crashes after a client disconnects.
  2. Fixed issue with multiple connected users (first user connected can do what they need, while any additional users connected can not do anything.)


  1. PPPoE limitation of 1420 for MTU was changed to a maximum value of 1492.
  2. Fixed issue where PPPoE does not work with French ISP "Free."

Open Issues:



  1. Time Zone, changes to Other. This has been seen occasionally after an upgrade from 2.5.31 or 2.6.12, but is not reproducible enough to pin point the cause.
    • Work-around: Correct the Time Zone if you notice this.
  2. Session time-out while upgrading with a local file. If the session time-out is set to low, say 60 seconds, after uploading the code to the unit it takes you to the login page.
    • Work-around: Go to the System Settings and increase the session time out value to 300+ for 5 minutes+
  3. Manually configuring the USR8200 for Bridge mode can cause the unit to crash.
    • Work-around: Use the wizards provided to configure the USR8200 for Bridge mode.
  4. Some 1394b and USB 2.0 controllers that support master and slave drives, may not be detected. This is due to a protocol violation with the controllers and has been reported to the appropriate manufactures.
    • Work-around: Contact Manufacture for a firmware update or fix. Can also try firmware if you have a 1394b controller not being detected.
  5. Linux PPTP client cannot connect to the USR8200's PPTP server.
    • Work-around: None



Web-based Management:

File browsing with web browsers other than Internet Explorer. For security reasons Mozilla based browsers no longer support links such as \\servername or //servername. Therefore, links in the File Server Disk Information page and File Server Disks on the Network List View page will not display the contents of the hard drive when using these browsers. A work around is to open a file manager to go to the link directly (based on the operating system the \\ or // will be used in front of servername).