Quick Setup

The quick setup feature is a simple way to configure the router with the most important settings. If you did not configure the router in EasyConfigurator, the following window appears automatically the first time you open the router's Web User Interface (by opening the address It also appears if you reset the router to its factory defaults:

To begin the quick setup, click Start.

Step 1. Configuring the Internet Connection

This is the first quick setup page:

In this page, you can set up the router's connection to the Internet. The most important settings are the connection protocol, VPI/VCI values, and various parameters specific to the connection protocol, such as a login user name and password. Your Internet Service Provider should be able to supply you with this information.

When you are done entering data in this page, click on Next.

Step 2. Router Login

When you open the router's Web User Interface to work with the router settings, you will need to log in with a user name of admin. In this page, enter the password you want to use with this admin account.

Enter a password and click Next.

Step 3. Wrapping Up

You are now nearly done with the quick setup process. Click Finish to save your configuration to the router.