The USRobotics Wireless Ndx ASDL2+ Gateway provides the latest 802.11n draft technology, delivering optimal wireless connections to your PCs, laptops, and other wireless devices. The gateway also provides the maximum speed – up to 270 Mbps – delivering large files like MP3s, digital photos, and digital video through your network fast and efficiently. And with the gateway, your network will be protected with a suite of security capabilities, including Stateful Packet Inspection firewall for protection from network intrusions, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2), WPA2/802.11i, TKIP and AES Encryption, MAC address authentication, and more.

In addition to providing state-of-the-art wireless connectivity, your gateway includes an integrated print server, allowing you to share your USB printer with other computers on your network and a 4-Port Ethernet switch for connecting additional wired Ethernet devices.

And to assure a simple, straight-forward installation, the USRobotics gateway offers SecureEasySetup™. SecureEasySetup walks you through the wireless security configuration between your gateway and your wireless clients. Sharing Internet access securely, wirelessly or wired, has never been easier.


System Requirements


Product Views


Symbol Name State Condition
Power Off Not receiving power.
Solid Receiving power.
WLAN Off Wireless connection is disabled.
Solid Wireless connection is enabled.
Flashing Sending and receiving data.
SecureEasySetup Off SecureEasySetup mode is not ready on the gateway.1
Solid SecureEasySetup mode is ready.
Blinking Communicating with SecureEasySetup devices.
WAN Off No Internet connection is established.
Solid Internet Connection is established.
Flashing Sending and receiving data.
ADSL Off No ADSL connection.
Solid ADSL link is achieved.
Flashing ADSL link is being established.
1 to 4
Off No LAN connection.
Solid LAN link is achieved.
Flashing Sending and receiving data.
Printer Off No printer connection is detected.
Solid Printer connection is detected.
Flashing Sending data to printer.


Item Function

Connects your gateway to your ADSL line.

LAN Ports 1 - 4 Connects additional devices to your gateway.
USB Connects your gateway to a USB printer.

Reboots your gateway or restores your gateway to the factory default settings.

  • To reboot your gateway without changing your current settings, press and hold the Reset button for 1 second.

  • To restore your gateway to the factory default settings, press and hold the Reset button for 7 seconds.

15VDC Connects the power adapter to your gateway.
SecureEasySetup button

Enables SecureEasySetup on your gateway.1

  • To enable SecureEasySetup on your gateway, press and hold the SecureEasySetup button for 1 second.

  • To reset your wireless security settings to the factory default (no security enabled), press and hold the SecureEasySetup button for 7 seconds.

Connects an antenna to the gateway.


1 For SecureEasySetup to be ready on your gateway, it must be set with WPA2 and WPA (PSK) wireless security, with TKIP and AES encryption, and a pass phrase (which is also commonly called a Network key, WPA key, or WPA Pre-shared key). You can configure the settings manually, or press the SecureEasySetup button to configure your wireless settings.

rev 1.3 4/07