USB Internet Phone Installation Instructions for Macintosh

This utility allows you to use your USB Internet Phone on your Macintosh computer.

  1. If Skype is not already installed on your computer, download Skype software from
  2. Start Skype and log in to a Skype account.
  3. Connect the USB Internet Phone to an available USB port your computer.
  4. Click the SkypeMate1.0.0.6.dmg link to download the dmg to your desktop.
  5. Double click the SkypeMate1.0.0.6.dmg, on your desktop.
  6. Drag the SkypeMate icon into the Applications folder.

    Drag Icon
  7. Open the Applications folder and double click the SkypeMate icon.
  8. In the “Skype API Security” window, select Allow this program to use Skype and click OK.
  9. Make sure that the Skype Preferences > Audio > Audio Output and Audio Input are set to USB Audio Device.

    Skype Audio
  10. Make sure that the System Preferences > Sound > Input and Output are set to your preferred devices.
  11. Un-mount the virtual disk.

Close Window

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