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USB Internet Mini Phone

USB Internet Mini Phone

Quick Installation Guide

Package Contents

System Requirements

To use the USRobotics USB Internet Mini Phone and Skype Internet telephony service, your computer system and environment must meet the following minimum requirements:

Phone Features

9602 features
Skype key

Displays Skype window on computer
Navigates Skype window tabs
Up/Down keys

Adjusts voice volume during calls
Scrolls through contacts and call history
Backspace key

Press to delete entered digits
Press and hold to delete all digits
Press to select ring tone for phone
End key

Closes Skype window
Ends calls
Send key

Accepts and places calls
Puts active calls on hold
Makes calls on hold active
Mute key

Enters * as a digit
Press and hold to mute/unmute phone microphone
One key

Nine key

Enter digits 1 - 9

Zero keyEnter digit 0
Press and hold to enter + prior to entering digits

Installation Instructions

Warning:  Skype is not a telephony replacement service. Any VoIP service
used in conjunction with the USRobotics USB Internet Mini
cannot be used for calls to emergency services or emergency telephone
numbers (311, 911, 112, 999, etc.). Use a land line for
to emergency services, such as police, fire, or ambulance.

  1. Insert the USB cord into the Internet Mini Phone. Make sure it clicks into place so that no metal on the connector is visible.
    How cable plugs into phone
  2. Connect the other end of the USB cord to your computer's USB port.

  3. Download the USRobotics USB Internet Mini Phone installation package from the USRobotics website.

    Note: If Skype 2.0 or later is already installed on your computer, skip ahead to Step 6.

  4. Download Skype from their website and install, following the on-screen instructions.

  5. Create a Skype account and add Skype contacts to your contact list. Click Help in Skype for additional information.

  6. Navigate to the folder where the installation package for the USRobotics USB Internet Mini Phone was created.
    Folder containing USRobotics USB Internet Mini Phone download

  7. Double-click USRobotics USR Internet Mini Phone.pkg.

    The installer's Introduction screen appears.
    Introduction screen

  8. Click Continue.

    The Select Destination screen appears.
    Select Destination screen

  9. Select the destination volume where OS X is located.
    Select Destination screen with destination selected

  10. Click Continue.

    The Installation Type screen appears.
    Installation Type screen

  11. Click Install.

    A prompt appears, asking the user to authenticate. By default, the name displayed will be the account that is logged in.
    Prompt for authentication

  12. Enter password, then click OK.

    The Install screen appears, showing the progress as files are copied into the destination volume.
    Install screen

    When the installation is successful, the Finish Up screen appears:
    Finish Up screen

  13. Click Close to finish.

  14. Open Applications.

  15. Start USRobotics USB Internet Mini Phone.
    About screen

  16. Click Audio Device Settings.
    Audio Device Settings screen

  17. Under Skype Audio Device, select USB Phone for both Voice Output and Voice Input.

  18. If Skype is not running, start Skype.

  19. In Skype, select Tools > Options.

  20. Click Sound devices.

    Sound devices screen

  21. In the Skype - Options window, click Make a test call to Skype answering machine and follow the instructions.

Congratulations. You have successfully completed the installation procedure. Please register your USB Internet Mini Phone with USRobotics at

Additional Information

For troubleshooting and technical support, see: