The USRobotics USB Telephone Adapter is a full-featured personal VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) adapter that allows you to expand your Skype™ services with the ability to make calls using a telephone (wired, cordless or cellular) and features such as multiple-line support and conferencing to manage incoming Skype calls, call forwarding to allow "follow me" services by forwarding Skype calls to cellular or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) telephones, and toll bypass to let you access your Skype services when you are away from your computer.


Warning: Skype is not a telephony replacement service. Any VoIP service used in conjunction with the USB Telephone Adapter cannot be used for calls to emergency services or emergency telephone numbers (311, 911, 112, 999, etc.). Use a landline telephone for calls to emergency services, such as police, fire, or ambulance.

If the LINE port of your USB Telephone Adapter is connected to a PSTN line, you can make emergency calls using the handset connected to the telephone adapter.


rev 1.3