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Installation Guide for Wireless Access Point

This guide should be used to verify that all essential components are installed to configure your USRobotics Wireless Access Point.  Please use this checklist to verify that all required Hardware, Software, and Configuration Settings are correct to ensure a successful setup.

NOTE:  It is important that all components of your network device(s) are installed and functioning correctly.  Please take the time to verify all of the items listed below.  Not doing so may result in no network connectivity.

There are two ways to Configure your Access Point:

  1. The first is to connect to the Access Point directly over the Ethernet connection from a machine that is plugged into the same network segment as the Access Point's Ethernet port.

  2. The second is to configure the Access Point over a wireless connection to the Access Point.

If there is a step that you are unsure of, click on the (more information) link to see some specific information on how to accomplish the task.

Select the method to configure your Wireless Access Point:

Connect to the Access Point via Ethernet. (11 steps)

Connect to the Access Point via Wireless. (12 steps)

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