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How do I clone a MAC address on my USR5461/USR5465?

Some Internet Service Providers secure their networks by only allowing the primary computer of the household to connect. It is still possible to share your Internet connection with the router using the Clone MAC function. Every piece of computer hardware has a unique, hardwired Media Access Control (MAC) address. Your ISP can use the MAC address of the network adapter in your computer to restrict access to the Internet to only that one computer. When you activate the Clone MAC feature of the router, it will behave as though its MAC address is the same as the computer you were working from when you activated it.
  1. Launch your Web browser. In the location or address line, type the address of the router's Web User Interface and press Enter. The default address is


  2. When the user name and password window appears, type in the user name and the password you created. Click OK to load the router's setup page.

    Note: You will not be prompted to login the first time you connect to the MAXg Router's Web User Interface. During the Setup Wizard procedure, you will be prompted to create a user name and password to log in to the router. If you create a user name and password, you will need to use these whenever you want to log in to the Wireless MAXg Router. The user name and password are case sensitive.

  3. Click Internet.


  4. In the Clone MAC address section there is a drop-down menu labelled Client devices. This menu will list the computer name and MAC address of every computer connected to the router, as well as listing the router's own MAC address at the top of the list.


  5. Selecting one of the computers will change the value in the Router text field to the left of the menu. Clicking Save will change the MAC address of the router to the address listed in this field.


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