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I am unable to access the network or the Internet.

There may be a network or Internet connection problem if the LED (or LEDs) on the cardís bracket does not illuminate or if you cannot access any network or Internet resources from the computer. Check the following items:

Possible Solution:
Make sure you are using Category 5 cable for 100 Mbps connections, and that the length of any cable does not exceed 100 m (328 ft). Inspect all network cables and connections. Make sure the network cable is securely attached to the cardís connector.

Possible Solution:
Make sure the correct network card driver is installed for your operating system. If necessary, try reinstalling the driver.

Possible Solution:
If the network cardís speed or duplex mode has been configured manually, make sure it matches that of the attached network device port. It is recommended to set the card to auto-negotiation when installing the network driver..

Possible Solution:
The port on the network device that the card is attached to may be defective. Try using another port on the device.

Possible Solution:
If you cannot access a Windows or NetWare service on the network, check that you have enabled and configured the service correctly. If you cannot connect to a particular server, be sure that you have access rights and a valid ID and password.

Possible Solution:
If you cannot access the Internet, check your network settings and verify that TCP/IP is installed and properly configured.

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