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My computer is not recognizing my Ethernet Network Card.

If your computer cannot find the USRobotics Ethernet Network Card or the network driver does not install correctly, check the following:

Possible Solution:
Make sure the adapter is securely seated in the PCI slot. Check for any hardware problems, such as physical damage to the cardís edge connector. Try the card in another PCI bus-master slot. If this fails, test another USRobotics Ethernet Network Card that is known to operate correctly.

Possible Solution:
Check to see if there is a resource conflict in the PCI configuration.

Possible Solution:
If there are other network adapters in the computer, they may be causing conflict. Remove all other adapters from the computer and test the USRobotics Ethernet Network Card separately.

Possible Solution:
Check for a defective computer or PCI bus by trying the adapter in another computer that is known to operate correctly.

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