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Troubleshooting Ping Procedure

1.        Click Windows Start and then click Run. In the Run dialog box, Windows 95, 98, and Me users: Type command and click OK. Windows NT, 2000, and XP users: Type cmd and click OK. The command line screen opens.

2.        Type Ping This is your local host address. The address assures that TCP/IP is installed and functions properly. If you can't complete this ping, disconnect the router and then repeat the installation procedure.

3.        Type Ping followed by your IP address. This assures that your PC responds to requests. If you can't complete this ping, make sure all the cables connect properly and that all the correct drivers are installed.

4.        Type Ping followed by your gateway address to check the communication with your gateway. (The default gateway address is This assures that you can connect to other machines and the router. If you can establish communication with the router, you can access the Administration page and configure settings. If you can't complete this ping, make sure that the router power cord is plugged in. Also make sure that the router is properly connected to your PC.

5.        Type Ping followed by the outside Internet address of your router. This is the address that is provided either by your ISP or by the outside LAN. This procedure will assure that your router functions properly and allows traffic to pass through.

6.        Type Ping followed by your known DNS server address. This will allow you to resolve valid Internet host names to IP addresses and to verify that you can access the Internet.

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