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Upgrading your USRxx9105 modem

When upgrading a modem that is running firmware version 2.12L.01 with firmware version 1248_041604-2.14L.01A.a2a013b or newer, (refer to What firmware is running), the modemís ISP settings are not retained. The upgrade will require the EasyConfigurator program to reconfigure your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the EasyConfigurator application is not installed on your system, download it from our Web site at -> (select region) -> support -> USR9105 (if individual products are listed) or ADSL/Broadband -> USRxx9105 (if only categories are listed).

What firmware is running?

There are two ways to read the modemís firmware version:

Recommended method: Launch the EasyConfigurator application that will test your Internet connection and display the current firmware.

Additional option: Access the modemís Web User Interface at IP address (your computer should have received an address from the routerís DHCP or statically set to an address with the range; see the User Guide for details on using the Web User Interface). Once your computer address is confirmed to be of a correct range, launch a Web browser and enter in the address field. When prompted, enter admin for the username and admin for the password. If you have changed the username and password of the modem, enter those values now. When the modemís Web User Interface menus are visible, click Device Configuration from the menu bar and the cooresponding firmware version will be displayed.

Example: Release 1.1 of the firmware should be displayed as 1248_041604-2.14L.01A.a2a013b. This indicates that your firmware version is that of April 16th, 2004.

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