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How many handsets can be used with the USR9630 Cordless Phone base?

The USR9630 base supports up to four handsets. Any one of the four handsets can be used to make and receive SKYPE or PSTN calls.

How many handsets can be active on a SKYPE or PSTN call simultaneously?

Two handsets can be used at a time. Calls may be forwarded to another handset, but only two can be on any given call.

What is the function of the PAGE button on the base?

The PAGE button is used to locate up to 4 handsets that may be registered to the base. When you press the PAGE button on the base, all registered handsets will produce the paging tone for 30 seconds and their screen will display PAGING. If an external call comes in, all the handsets will stop paging and play the selected external call melody.

How many handsets can be used with the Intercom function?

Any two handsets can be used for an Intercom call. The Intercom call can be initiated from any of the four handsets.

Can I make a simultaneous SKYPE and PSTN call?

Yes, you can make/receive a SKYPE call, and make/receive a PSTN call from a different handset. At any given time, one SKYPE call and one PSTN call can be active, using two different handsets.

How many users can join a conference call?

With SKYPE you can talk with up to 5 people in a conference call and these can be either SkypeOut or Skype users.

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