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CommWorks Corporation and USRobotics Corporation have identified an issue in public release 3.5.12 of the HiPer DSP and DSP Multispan server code.

The modem connects but hangs up right away.

Modem Work Around:
Add "+PIG=1" to the modem's "Extra Settings" or, alternatively, to the modem Init String.

Ask your ISP to upgrade their CommWorks HiPer DSP or DSP Multispan V.92 code to version 3.5.103 or higher. Most ISPs are not aware of CommWorks' Engineering Releases unless they have experienced a problem and have talked to their CommWorks Support Affiliate so you may have to show your ISP this message.

CommWorks is preparing a public release for HiPer DSP and DSP Multispan in late October. The upcoming release will include this fix and many others. If you choose the "Modem Work Around" above, you can still encourage your ISP to upgrade to the upcoming Public Release.

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