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How do I enable Fast Connect?

V.22 Fast Connect allows the modem to make a 1200 bps connection much quicker than the standard V.22 handshake time, making it ideal for the very small data transfers encountered in Point of Sale or ATM systems. Note that the modem or server at the far end must also be configured for V.22 Fast Connect, and the same Error Correction ON/OFF setting.

Enabling V.22 Fast Connect

V.22 Fast Connect can be enabled by setting AT commands which may vary by product.

USR5637, USRxx5637, USR2980-OEM, and USR802981-OEM

Additional AT command strings:AT +MS=V22( selects V.22 connection at 1200 bps )
AT &M0( if disabling Error Correction protocol )
AT &A0( if shortening the result code to “CONNECT 1200” )
AT \F1( enables V.22 Fast Connect, must be issued before each connection attempt )






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