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Download and run the Modem Identification Wizard.

Note: If you already have ControlCenter software installed, you can use its Instant Update feature to ensure that your modem has the latest code.

Step 1
Download the Modem Identification Wizard.

Step 2
Disconnect from your Internet Service Provider.

Step 3
Find the downloaded miu.exe file on your computer. Double-click this to install the Modem Identification Wizard. Once the wizard is installed, double-click the Modem Identification Wizard icon to run the program.

Step 4
Click Next on the Welcome screen.

Step 5
When the wizard asks you to select a modem, choose the appropriate USRobotics modem, and click the Details button.

Step 6
The modem's Firmware revision will appear near the bottom of the screen, outlined in the screenshot below. Click Print or write the number on a piece of paper. Click Cancel.

Flash rev is your firmware version

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