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I am unable to navigate through the user guide (Active content warning).

This problem affects Internet Explorer 6.0 running under Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Some USRobotics user guides contain Java-based menus that will cause Internet Explorer to generate one or both of the following Active Content warnings:

  • Active Content on CDs.
  • Active Content in Internet Explorer

USRobotics Active Content will not harm your system.

Active Content on CDs.

If some form of media in a CD-ROM drive is trying to run Active Content, the following warning will appear. If you click Yes, the target page will be displayed.

Note: If you want to receive Windows Active Content warnings in the future, clear the box labeled In the future, do not show this message.

Active Content in Internet Explorer.

The following warning will appear when Internet Explorer restricts Active Content from being displayed in your Web browser window. This error is generated by Java-based components in some of the USRobotics user guides.

Right click on the warning bar and select Allow Blocked Content in the menu that appears.

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