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How to troubleshoot a NT Kernel Error (Blue Screen of Death) when installing a PC card.

The Blue Screen of Death is a screen displayed by a Windows operating system when the NT kernal can not recover from a fatal system error. For in-depth information on Blue Screen of Death, please visit Microsoft's knowledgebase article entitled "Demystifying the 'Blue Screen of Death".

What can cause a Blue Screen of Death?

  • Corrupt device driver
  • IRQ conflict
  • Damaged hardware
  • BIOS configuration
  • Incompatible chipset and/or chipset software
  • Incompatible hardware

What can I do to prevent a Blue Screen of Death when inserting a wireless card in my laptop computer?

  • Make sure the laptop's PCMCIA slots are Cardbus Type II compatible.
  • Make sure the computer has a Pentium Processor that is 100MHz or faster.
  • Try unplugging all external devices. (Example: USB mouse, keyboard, printer, hard drive)
  • Try another PCMCIA slot, if available.
  • Update the laptop's BIOS.
  • Update the laptop's chipset software.
  • Update your version of Windows using

BIOS, chipset and hardware driver updates are the most common remedies for NT Kernal Errors (Blue Screen of Death). BIOS and chipset updates are available from your computer manufacturer's support web site. Drivers for the USR5410, USR5411 and USR2210 are available at

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