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I am experiencing low link quality when I am connected to an AP or Wireless Router.

Possible Solution
If you are using a USR2210, USR2215, or USR2216 with Configuration Utility and Driver USR 01_1.0.1.0, Configuration Utility and Driver USR02_1.0.1.3, or Configuration Utility and Driver USR03_3.0.0.0 (as the graphics below indicate), the Link Quality bar may not report Signal Strength and Link Quality accurately. When used in your particular environment, you may have experienced a poor wireless link or even a disconnected link as the graphic above indicates. This was an issue in reporting the RSSI value from the card driver to the utility and is fixed in the new version of the software. Update the Wireless Utility and Driver to USR03_307_v3.0.0.0_4x.

Possible Solution
Low range can also be caused by environmental interference. Try to move the Access Point around to improve the link quality. In addition, keep in mind that other factors such as lead-based paint, concrete walls, and electronic items such as 2.4G phones may affect your wireless range.


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