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How does USRobotics offer increased mixed-network performance?

USRobotics 802.11g solution leverages the expertise USRobotics gained in multimode WLAN environments with its 22Mbps technology. 802.11b and 22Mbps use two different modulations, similar to 802.11g and 802.11b. Both 802.11g and 22Mbps require simultaneous operation with 802.11b devi ces within the network without having the entire network fallback to 802.11b (11 Mbps) rates or cause significant performance degradation of the higher-rate modulation.

USRobotics uses the protection mechanisms outlined in the 802.11g standard, to enable its 802.11g devices to talk to 802.11g or 802.11b devices in the network, without bringing the entire network down to 802.11b data rates. Performance degradation was one of the major problems with pre-standard 802.11g products. By waiting until the standard was set, USRobotics was able to release a product line with hardware and firmware built for superior performance in mixedmode networks. In fact, the technology implemented in USRobotics 100Mbps performance solution was chosen as part of the Wi-Fi Alliance’s 802.11g test plan.

  • Some competitors have fixed this problem in their latest versions of software, but many have not provided firmware updates for older 802.11g products that were delivered prior to the standard ratification.
  • Currently, USRobotics is exhibiting better mixed-mode performance than competitive 802.11g products, which do not have Accelerator technology.

Additional High Points Compared to competitive solutions, USRobotics data rates fall back in waterfall curves that are smooth and fall off gracefully, indicating good RF, baseband and multipath performance. This means that consumers using applications such as video or audio, where a constant stream of data is required, will see a constant flow of data, versus jitter and possible lost packets.

Support for the following:

  • Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) – upgrade in February 2004
  • 256-bit WEP encryption (unique to USRobotics on 802.11g compliant products)

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