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How do I access the mini NAS remotely?

To remotely access the mini NAS you will need to configure your router or firewall to use port forwarding to be able to utilize WebDAV enabled share.

  1. Forward port 80 to the IP address of the NAS Adapter. Review your router or firewall documentation for instructions on port forwarding. Port forwarding in some routers or firewalls may also be referred to as “Local Servers” or “Virtual Servers.”
  2. Once port forwarding is configured on your firewall or router, you will need to determine your external IP address assigned by your ISP. This information can be obtained in your router's or firewall's user interface. You can also use third party websites that can provide this information. Use the search term “what is my IP address” as an example to locate these websites.
  3. Write down your external address. For example:
  4. To access a WebDav folder remotely, use the same procedure as accessing a WebDav folder locally except change the pat to the external IP address. Using the example IP address above, the remote WebDav URL will be name)


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