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Why can't I transfer files larger than 50 MB?

There are limitations when transferring a large file while using WebDAV. Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) redirector in Windows has a default file transfer size limit of 50 MB and will produce an error. Copying multiple files that total more than 50 MB are not affected by this limit.

This error can be resolved by updating the WebDAV redirector file size limit in the Windows Registry. You must be an administrator on the computer to update the Windows Registry. Manually updating the registry is not recommended, please use the automatic .reg file provided below.

To update the WebDAV redirector file size limit

Download and run the WebDAV File Size Limit Reg file. This file should automatically update the FileSizeLimitInBytes field and remove the 50MB restriction.

Note: If a user tries to transfer large files on a different computer, they may experience the same issue unless the registry entry for the WebDAV file size limit is updated on the new computer as well.


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