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I can't access the Internet using my wireless connection.

  1. Verify that the client is correctly installed, configured, and can see the gateway. Refer to your client’s documentation for more information.
  2. If your wireless connection can not access the Internet, try connecting your computer to one of the Ethernet ports on the back of the gateway. If you can connect via Ethernet, then you are having a wireless issue. If the failed Internet access is a wireless issue, try the following possible solutions:
    • Turn off any encryption on the network. This may be done through the Web User Interface's Security screen. The Web User Interface may be reached by opening a Web browser and typing in
    • Check that the channel used is the same on all devices in the network. Access the USRobotics Gateway and see what channel this is set up for. Then check that the PC wireless card is connected to the same channel and that the device connected to is your USRobotics Gateway (not your neighbour's modem/router, etc.).
    • Interference can also cause problems. If someone else is transmitting on the same channel, both signals may interfere and stop you from transmitting data. To check for this, turn off the power to the USRobotics Gateway and check to see if other transmitters can be seen on any PC wireless card. If other transmitters can be seen on any PC wireless card, try changing the network to another channel. To do so, access the Web User Interface. Select Wireless AP, Advanced Settings. In the Channel field, select the appropriate channel. Remember that channels overlap so suggested channels to use are 1, 6, and 11. If a neighbour is transmitting on channel 1, change your network to channel 6. If your neighbour is on channel 2 then channel 11 would be a good choice.

  3. Go to the EasyConfigurator Wireless page and verify that wireless is enabled and working properly. To access the EasyConfigurator Wireless page, simply use the EasyConfigurator Installation CD-ROM.

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