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Does the USR Bluetooth keyboard work with the HP Touchpad?

Yes, but the directions to pair the USR Bluetooth keyboards with the HP Touchpad vary slightly from the original instructions:

  • Make sure the keyboard is on and press the pair button
  • On the TouchPad open the Bluetooth app, make sure it is on
  • Press the + Add Device button
  • Change type to Keyboard and select it when the keyboard is found
  • When asked for a passkey, enter any number on the tablet - as an example enter 1234. NOTE: Typically this passcode is dynamically created but the TouchPad does not do this, choose a number and remember it for the next step. The TouchPad should say "pairing" after the number is entered.
  • Enter the same number (1234) on the keyboard and press enter
  • The devices should now be paired


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