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Equipment and Line Sharing

Question: What identifies an incoming fax call for automatic routing?
Answer: A fax call initiated in the typical manner will super-impose an 1100 Hz tone on the line repeating every 3 to 3.5 seconds. This tone is called a Fax or CNG tone and identifies the call as a FAX call.

Question: What is the difference between line sharing products which route inbound calls by using tone recognition and those which route inbound calls by ring pattern recognition?
Answer: Units which use tones for inbound call routing use DTMF or CNG tones to determine the desired device destination and must ”answer” the ring from the telephone company before they can hear and action the tones. DTMF, or “touch” tones are like those created by a tone capable telephone.

Units which route inbound calls based on “ring pattern” are using a process called Distinctive Ring Recognition. These units do not “answer” the telephone company ring, but instead count the ring bursts within the ring interval, i.e. single, double or triple ring pattern. They then route the call to the device associated with the ring pattern; for example, a double ring would be directed to the 2nd device port. These units require additional phone number(s) provided by the phone company to ring on the same line. Since the unit does not answer the call, it is compatible with phone company services such as Voice Mail or Call Forwarding.

Question: What types of equipment can be connected to the Call Director?
Answer: The Call Director is an analog telephone device designed to operate on telephone company service. Basically, any analog telephone equipment can be attached to any device port as desired to meet individual needs.

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