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Programming and Insallation

Question: How do I program the Call Director?
Answer: Specific instructions are provided in the Users Manual. It explains commands and responses. Tip: When entering a command to change the value in a register, enter the 2 digit register # followed immediately by the data to be entered. Examples; set Register 14 to 2 (enter 142), set register 13 to #345 (enter 13#345).

Question: Can I connect more than 1 modem to Call Director?
Answer: Yes. Generally, any analog telephony equipment can be attached to any device port as desired to meet individual needs.

Question: I am only sharing this line for Fax and Modem type equipment with no inbound voice calls. What is the best installation configuration?
Answer: Recommend connecting the FAX to Voice 1 and change option register 01 to value of 0. This will let all FAX calls, with and without CNG tone, find the FAX machine. The Fax port can be used for any other equipment, including a phone for outbound calls.

Question: Can I program the Call Director from a remote location?
Answer: Yes, but you must have someone at the Call Director location initiate a call to you from a phone attached to Call Director. After you answer, with the caller on the line, programming codes can be entered from either location.

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