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Troubleshooting the USR Call Director

Question: All incoming calls, including Fax & Modem, ring on the telephone. What's wrong?
Answer: Either you have lost power to the Call Director (check that the LED is glowing red) or the program options in Call Director may have gotten "scrambled" by a power glitch causing the Call Director not to answer. In the first case, confirm your power source. In the second case, see Users Manual and reset the options to Factory Presets, then re-program any custom settings you may have had, i.e. CID ring to answer delay.

Question: Some FAX calls ring to my phones while others are received by the FAX machine directly. What's wrong?
Answer: The FAX calls that are ringing on your phone are probably being initiated by the sender in a manual way, which will not have the CNG tone necessary for automatic routing and reception. The sender must either initiate their call in a way that will generate the CNG tone or you will need to enter the *2 Security Access code on your phone to transfer the call to your Fax machine. Another reason some FAX calls ring to my phones while others are received by the FAX machine directly is some equipment used for sending FAX's may not be able to emit the CNG signal. They must then use the correct access stream as shown in the Users Manual to direct the call to the FAX port with the Security Access Code, i.e. 555-666-7777,,*2,*2.

Question: The light (LED) on Call Director blinks. What does it mean?
Answer: The blink pattern indicates which device port is active (off-hook or ring). A single blink for voice port, double blink for fax port, and triple blink for modem port.

Question: What happens when I lose power to my Call Director?
Answer: With power off on most of our units, the phone company ring voltage will be passed (shorted) through to the Voice or Device 1 port where you will generally have your telephone equipment. This allows basic telephone services (inbound and outbound) to be provided during power outages.

Question: How do I obtain Service/Repair for my Call Director?
Answer: Our Technical Support Department can be reached by calling 1-877- 762-0132. Hours are 8am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday. Contact us for Problem Determination assistance and/or to obtain a Return Authorization before sending the unit in for repair.

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