USRobotics 56K Fax PCI modem (models 3CP5610-00, 3CP5610A, and USR5610B) will only install on COM 5 in Windows 95/98.

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The USRobotics 56K Fax PCI modem will install on COM 5 only in Windows 95 and Windows 98 and cannot be moved to another COM port. Most communication applications will recognize and work with the modem on COM 5.

Some communication software, such as AOL, will not recognize or work with the modem on COM 5. However, when the modem is installed, DOS Box Support is installed. DOS Box Support identifies COM 4 to these communications software as the port the modem is located. If using this modem in Windows 95 or 98 with AOL, please use AOL 5.0. Upon launching AOL 5.0, click Setup and click Add or change modem device. The AOL software will take a few minutes to go through the process of identifying which port the modem is located and DOS Box Support will direct AOL 5.0 to COM 4. While AOL is going through this process, a message "searching for a way for you to connect" will be displayed.

If Device Manager was checked, the modem would list COM 5 as the port; the COM port 5 would show the USRobotics 56K Fax PCI modem. Nowhere in the Windows 95 or 98 operating system will there be a listing of the modem at COM 4. Yet, the DOS Box will direct the software to COM 4. DOS Box then redirects communications from COM 4 to COM 5 where the modem is according to the operating system.

The USRobotics 56K PCI DOS Box Support is listed under Add/Remove Programs. If it is not there or has been removed, remove the modem and restart the computer. Turn off the computer, replace the modem, restart the computer, and the modem and DOS Box Support will be installed.

    NOTE:This modem will install on other COM ports in other operating systems such as Windows NT and Windows 2000.

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